Design Alessandro Mendini - 1984
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Console-table. Signed original. Frame in black lacquered wood. Hand- decorated edge in blue and green. Feet in silver-plated brass. Top in black painted plate glass.


Zanotta Edizioni *

Born from the experimentations of Zabro Zanotta Edizioni is a special collection of furnishing items verging on art and design.  Items in this collection are inspired by the Italian artistic handcrafting tradition. Free from the bonds of industrial production, they are charged with the powerful charm of "handmade” objects.


A small console, Agrilo, featuring smooth and clearly peculiar signs and sophisticated or brave colours. Just like the insect to which its name refers, originally belonged to the Zabro Collection, a brand created under the auspices of Aurelio Zanotta to continue the Alchimia group’s experimental research, whose ‘manifesto’ of intentions was written by siblings Adriana and Alessandro Guerriero, supported by Alessandro Mendini’s acute mind.