Design Achille Castiglioni - 1970
Stores Contacts

Kneeling-stool. Base in black painted polystyrene. Flexible polyurethane upholstery. 18/8 stainless steel leg. Cover in Ecofire or leather 95.


New ways to shape the objects in our lives

As designers in these parts of the world, we have been lucky enough to have some great masters that showed us new ways to shape the objects in our lives, after having conceived – with sensitivity, curiosity and enthusiasm for experimenting – new possible ways of working by looking at the almost spontaneous gesture or natural behaviours of people, as they talk or write or wait, or when they look for a more comfortable and less rigid position by moving restlessly.


Primate, maybe based on a memory of his Japanese friends sitting on the floor, leaning on their knees and supported by their heels, who always effortlessly achieved the perfect posture (seiza), while of course not forgetting those who always prefer to sit on a soft support.