Design Atelier Oï - 2015
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Mirror. Plate glass 5 mm thick. The mirror outline is made of cowhide in the shade of gold, interwoven with Alcantara® in the shades gold, blue and eggplant. Wall fastening by means of a bronzed metal plate.


From design to product

The mirror Raperonzolo by the Swiss Atelier Oï is made with great artisan skills and high-end materials, such as the interwoven cowhide strips. 

“When Zanotta asked us to design this mirror collection, that we joyfully named “Raperonzolo”, we had the opportunity to be absorbed in a path that taught us a lot about this company. Zanotta owns a specific savoir-faire: we refer to those qualities that allow living between tradition and modernity, joining the artisan skills with technological competencies of a contemporary industry of design, being able to do it with a hint of irony and courage that can make the difference”. 

So explain the three designers of Atelier Oï: Aurel Aebi, Armand Louis and Patrick Reymond, who set up the Swiss studio back in 1991.


The mirror Raperonzolo is available in three sizes, that can be combined in a set (diameters 51/69/105 cm) with a 5 mm thick glass. The interwoven cowhide edge, in the shade gold, matches the Alcantara® fabric in three colours gold, blue and eggplant. The wall fastening is achieved by means of a metal bronzed plate with turned screw.