Design Mist-o - 2021
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Table. Trestles in solid natural oak or painted black with open pore. Matt black painted stainless steel spars. Top available in smoky grey tempered plate glass matching the black painted trestle; or in thick oak-plated particle wood, either natural matching the natural oak trestle or black painted with open pore matching the black painted trestle. Top is also available in Fenix® laminate plated particle wood in the shades light grey or anthracite grey with natural oak edge matching the natural oak trestle; or in either white Carrara marble with stain-resistant protective varnish, in clear matt polyester or in naturally smoothed Onsernone stone, with water repellent stain-resistant oil treatment, matching the trestles in natural or black varnished oak.

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The work-home balance is the key to reading this project

"In our take on the trestle table, we started off with the very simple idea of blocking the trestle in a specific position for each length.” Mist-o

Understated, solid and modular, the new table system is designed for residential settings, meeting rooms, workspaces and hotel and catering venues. The distinguishing features of the project are the elegance afforded by the formal synthesis, the research conducted into the materials, the ample choice of compositions, the multiple customisation opportunities and the environmental sustainability of the product. Just four components, designed with painstaking care for every detail, come together to form the architectural structure of the table: a pair of trestles, with slanted oval-section posts in natural or black stained oak wood, accommodates two parallel steel crosspieces which securely link the trestles together via eight screws, and also support several types of table top. The table top is placed flush with the trestle. The distance between trestles determines the multiple top lengths, customisable upon request, and consequently the variable number of seats from 4 to 10. The tables can easily be placed side by-side and aggregate to form long, broad and elegant meeting tables. To obtain continuous surfaces, a third trestle is envisaged, as well as the use of two table tops placed side-by-side, to achieve modular tables. 

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