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Back to emotions is the sentiment of Zanotta's 2020 collection, which interprets the need for more authentic, empathetic design, introducing a renewed scale of values into the relations between persons, furnishings and the home.

Zanotta puts everyday life on centre stage. The products focus on essential, simple design and the capacity to adapt to the needs of their users, offering emotion and quality of life. Zanotta interprets the idea of a real world home, with usable, ethical and sustainable design, aimed at expressing a synthesis of approaches. The result is a collection characterised by simplicity, free of superfluity, but rich in functional content and innovative solutions, made with longlasting natural materials. A purity capable of generating the emotional empathy required to transform a mere space into a place with an identity. 

This philosophy demands that all products in the new collection be made with simple, easy to assemble components. The resulting image of elegant simplicity conceals the rich content they offer. Back to emotions is a sophisticated offering of original products capable of responding to the real needs of their users while evoking sensations and emotions that enrich everyday life.

For Zanotta, design must express meaning: it must have a soul and the capacity to establish a relationship with the user. It is only in this way that drawings can become timeless products whose utility never fades.

Back to emotions is composed of six products:

Nena (design: Lanzavecchia + Wai), an armchair conceived as the tailored interpretation of a comfortable embrace, expressed in the eclectic language of soft, enveloping upholstery supported by a lightweight frame;

Dove (design: Ludovica+Roberto Palomba), a sofa made of large cushions, the ideal expression of comfort and simple homeliness in daily life. Relaxing, being together with the family, welcoming guests;

Tucano (design: Monica Förster Design Studio), an elegant writing desk with a leather cover, supported and shaped by curved tubular members which outline a sinuous frame. The ideal companion for working from home;

Ricordi (design: Spalvieri & Del Ciotto), a bed which marries the comfort of an upholstered headboard with the strong visual impact of its simple construction and eclectic detailing. It breathes authenticity and evokes the homely image of bedsheets hung out to dry in the wind;

Rider (design: Ludovica+Roberto Palomba), the rocker chaise longue reduced to a single element, finely balanced between handicrafts and technology, it outlines a safe space in which the user can abandon himself to total relaxation;

Dan (design: Patrick Norguet), an evolving chair design based on a minimalist frame which can support two types of seat, depending on the user's taste and application: the more radical, hi-tech option consists of a seat and backrest formed of coloured elastic straps, while the more elegant solution features an upholstered seat and back covered in high quality leather.

The fabric 

The 2020 collection is rounded out by the use of a new fabric, Quid - full bodied, soft and strong - a revisitation of the classic Bouclé reinterpreted by Zanotta in ten colours: an ample choice of natural and neutral shades, together with higher contrast options for a more lively look. Bold - yet always elegant and modern - contrasts are also available, for instance in the twill version which combines periwinkle with green, brown with blue, together with strong plain colours and decisive tones like rust red, periwinkle and ink blue.