Design Spalvieri & Del Ciotto - 2020
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Bed with single or separate springing. Headboard frame in natural or in open pore black painted oak. Upholstery in polyurethane/heat-bound polyester fibre. Front feet and headboard upper rod in matt black varnished steel. Removable fabric or leather cover. Steel base with natural bent beech strips (6,8 cm wide). Upon request the bed size for 210 cm long mattress is available.

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Starting again from memories: Thinking back to the simple things, genuine, necessary
An intimate object, the purity of a vivid memory, of everyday life, simple and authentic.

A bed with a simple structure and impeccable details, which describes the intimacy of life. The padded headboard gives comfort when reading, the horizontal rod and the feet are in matt black painted metal and fit softly into the natural or black-stained ash of the vertical uprights and the structure covered in fabric.

Search for empathy and confidence between the object and those who use it, back to a time when things were made to last and accompany the beauty of life over the years.


The bed sheets hung out to dry in the sun
the caress of the wind that comes in through the windows in spring
the pleasure of falling asleep with the song of the cicadas
the grandparents' bedroom, made up of a few and
indispensable things
when things were simple"

(Spalvieri & Del Ciotto)