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An entirely digital experience

Zanotta inaugurates the re-opening of its Milan showroom at Casello Daziario in Piazza XXV Aprile, staging the daily life and refocusing on the core of the project.Many stories of lived life that build atmospheres, suggest interpretations and return solutions.

Return to emotions. Zanotta’s 2020 collection welcomes this rediscovered dimension of intimacy, protection and authenticity: the home acquires a different value, more intense and identifying, that is reflected in the choice of furnishing objects and in the relationship established with those who chose them, expressing their personality and way of living.An ideal apartment thus becomes the scenography where products of the collection Back to emotions dialogue with those already in the catalogue and with the pieces of the latest Carlo Mollino CM 2020 collection.

To make the visit of the Milanese showroom accessible to everyone, Zanotta has  created a Virtual Tour of the renewed exhibition. An entirely digital experience allows to explore the Casello rooms by moving freely in 360° in the virtual space, while appreciating the brand’s new proposals and immersing in the settings of Back to emotions.

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