Zanotta at the exhibition U-Joints oder Die Kunst des Verbindens

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U-JOINTS is an international research project on the theme of connections in design and architecture. Whether it's craftsmanship or high-tech engineering, the design of a bridge, architecture, furniture or design object involves the union of several components through a joint: a fundamental element in every project.
It is often invisible, elegantly concealed in formal solutions. U-JOINTS sheds light on these hidden details in an in-depth investigation of joints and joints in the project culture.
At the Winterthur Trade Museum is exhibited the part of the research dedicated to techniques of bonding and melting connection through a collection of illustrative objects. 
Among the many innovations introduced by Zanotta in the world of furniture, the Blow inflatable armchair designed in 1967 by the De Pas, d'Urbino, Lomazzi and Scolari was selected for the exhibition. A revolutionary seating design that uses transparent PVC for the first time in place of neoprene, identifying as a construction solution the electronic welding technology obtained by means of high frequency.
Until January 9, 2022.

Photos by Piercarlo Quecchia DSL Studio