Fabrics in the limelight


From the very beginning Zanotta decided to control the entire production line, ranging from the choice of materials and components, to finishes, and after-sales customer service, creating products that stand out for high design standards, workmanship and functionality. It is no mere chance that fabrics play a key role in winning appreciation and success with quality that can be personally experienced, and which has been confirmed over the years as a guarantee of comfort, duration and safety. These parameters can be scientifically tested by technical regulations applied and updated by the company throughout its entire industrial production cycle.

Zanotta always pays careful attention to the quality of the fabrics used for its products, from natural high-quality fibers to technical materials, and textile accessories for personalizing furnishings.
Refined and soft to the touch: the fabric selection that Zanotta makes every year for sofas and beds is aimed at creating a truly individual product line. Textiles can make all the difference to an interior. The tradition of carefully selecting, elaborating and utilizing fabric coverings is part of the company’s history, ever since Aurelio and Emilio Zanotta started producing upholstered furnishings in the 50’s. A continual fine-tuning of aesthetic and functional expressions, a constant evaluation of fibers, material characteristics, fit, and color selection. 

Fabric upholstery is Zanotta’s pride in the company’s quality quest. The technical, aesthetic and emotional features of selected collections make every product one of a kind, with ample room for customisation. Only materials that pass the strict resistance and duration controls and tests can step into Zanotta’s world. Fabrics are evaluated by a team of experts. This precise, ongoing task is carried out only after keen research conducted in specialist fairs to seek new fibres, yarns and colours presented by the best producers. The process relies on close cooperation with the best textile suppliers. «Relations established with our suppliers are of the utmost importance, – says Zanotta – We cooperate with the best textile companies in the world, and we know their quality and reliability, just as they have learnt to know our philosophy and the characteristics required of fabrics chosen by Zanotta for its collections». The company especially works with highend Italian manufacturers, with whom it implements common research projects focused on perfecting targeted products for a demanding public.

Zanotta beds privilege natural fabrics to attire night with choice fibres obtained from wool, cotton and linen. «Today natural fabrics meet the purchaser’s clear appreciation. The ultimate stabilising, anti-crease and anti-stain processing methods ensure satisfaction in terms of technical performance», explains Zanotta. Concerning padded items, priority is given to comfortable, resistant fabrics with weaves and shades in tune with modern lifestyles. Fabrics in Zanotta collections undergo strict controls to ascertain their excellence: colour-fastness in artificial light and to various washing modes and rubbing; shrinking or sagging after washing, and physical and mechanical resistance to numberless conditions of use. The label sewn on all fabric covers indicates the composition of the fibre, and provides correct maintenance instructions. But a strong point is the “tailor-made” feature. As Zanotta says: «The crucial moments of the tailoring phase are cutting and sewing. Concerning the first point, part of it is still manually performed, and part is entrusted to modern electronic machinery. Sewing is done with high precision machines chosen to suit the type of upholstery that will enhance the product with a finish that makes the most of it. Tailoring is an essential moment that enhances every element with added value. A good fabric, like a good product, would not be such without perfect cutting and sewing».


Colour fastness
- machine washing
- washing with soap at 40°C
- dry-cleaning
- dry rubbing
- artificial light

Size changes
- home washing 
- simulated hand washing
- dry-cleaning

Physical and mechanical strength
- pilling formation
- abrasion