The architecture

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A charming historic building

A charming historic building with the typical brick façade, built in 1912 as a shed for horse carriages and then transformed into a modern residence keeping the large central door. The townhouse's last tenant was singer Taylor Swift who even mentioned it in the 2019 song entitled Cornelia Street. The house is developed on 5 levels and is equipped with some original elements such as the 3 fireplaces and wooden floors that have been restored.

It has extraordinary architectural features: 9 rooms, including a large double-height space — gallery — overlooking a small patio and a spectacular indoor pool located in the basement (one of only 22 Manhat-tan homes with indoor pool); 2 terraces on the second level with double exposure and other 2 panoramic terraces open to the roof that further extend the boundaries of the house, establishing a dialogue with the city.

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