Design Emaf Progetti - 2010
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Beds. Demountable steel frame painted in the shade of talc or black. Springing in bent beech strips, with stiffness adjusters. Version 1707 has headboard cushions with goose down – 100% pure material, with polyurethane insert. Removable fabric or leather cover (only for model 1707). Upon request the bed size for 210 cm. long mattress is also available.


Modern minimal design

A new proposal for the night with minimal metal frame and soft headboard cushions that recall typical high comfort sofa cushions. A bed with a modern minimal design: fine metal frame and two soft cushions to form the headboard. "Project design focused on creating a bed that offers the comfort of a sofa for reading, watching TV, and so on. The idea of back cushions typical of sofas was shifted to the bed, using them as a headboard in this case. Even from a practical standpoint, the bed was meant to have upholstered parts with covers that could be easily removed for washing without complicated manoeuvres. This is an important feature for cleaning purposes and, not least of all, to change aesthetics by purchasing two cushion covers, even in another colour." These are the premises of Emaf Progetti's new concept of sleeping associated with  ultimate multi-relax trends. Headboard cushions with 100% pure goose feather upholstery. Dismountable steel frame painted in the shade of black or white. Springing in bent beech strips with stiffness adjusters. Nyx is also available in the version without headboard cushions.