Design Joe Colombo - 1968
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Card table. Tops in white layered plastic laminate. Removable, leather trimmed green baize. 18/8 stainless steel legs.


From design to product

Joe Colombo, or of vices and virtues. The vices of a person who has put his own talent to the service of wine, women and tobacco, designing whisky glasses, tobacco pipes and beds to make love (as in an alcove, separating from the outside world).

Also, the virtues of someone who had learnt to become a designer by pursuing the ideals of industrial production, through which he was able to show the spirit – including the technological spirit – of his time. In Poker, a contemporary reinterpretation of the gaming table, surfaces are fully made of laminated plastic, which was used for structural purposes perhaps for the first time.


“He loved new materials that enabled him to express his ability to draw a shape to the fullest” and “he paid the utmost attention to functional details, and he proceeded in this way by means of a great number of analyses and inventions” (Gianni Colombo). Such as the one of rotating plates, each of which incorporates a removable ashtray, which brings us back to the vices we mentioned above.