Design Marco Zanuso - 1969
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Table. Clear plate glass top. Stainless steel legs.


From design to product

At the end of the 1960s, Marco Zanuso – ‘design incarnate’ – came along. His gaze was caught by a car deflector, the type with the pawl glued straight onto the small piece of glass, and he imagined using that technology to, finally, surpass Marcel Breuer and all the others who had designed crystal-topped tables with traditional structures of legs and crosspieces. Marcuso changed everything. “Zanuso took the formal configuration of the object back to the fundamental geometries of the circle, square and rectangle. Having found the technology to directly weld crystal and steel together, the design process was oriented towards finding a way to attach the supporting legs to the surface top, resulting in a stainless steel base with one side fixed to the crystal top, and the other screwed to the steel leg” (Stefano Casciani). A table innovative in its construction, with the ability to be dismantled, “conceived and constructed like a modern building.”