A house lived in utter freedom

A series of large, luminous open spaces where the functions are few and far between: neutral colours, delicate hues, textured materials and tactile finishes. Pianoalto sofa is the focus of the living room: a spacious, soft island of comfort worth relishing and sharing through the everyday intimacy of family life or with guests A few select objects and several plants are displayed on the Quaderna long bench, created by uniting several modules together. The light flutter of wings suggested in the marble form of Graphium coffee table graces the centre of this island of leisure. In the kitchen, a cosy breakfast nook recreates the evocative atmosphere of a bistrot with a Cumano table and two Dan chairs. The second floor houses the nighttime area and a studio, with a Tucano desk paired with a Tonietta chair looking over a panoramic window; the furnishing is complete with an Olivia armchair. 

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Zanotta: is now

“A house lived in utter freedom…for walking barefoot, with no visible barriers.Every object, all furnishings are silent companions…distracted daily objects. The kind of distraction that only comes from trust and the confidence we feel when the surrounding spaces and furnishings have truly become a part of us. The more you know, the less you need the motto of the Australian Aborigines.” 

Pianoalto 800x1200_5casa