It's a jungle in there

Outdoors brought indoors. The urge to stay outside and in contact with nature has transformed this house into a garden where the confines between outdoor and indoor space contaminate one another, for an interior design in which plants are the protagonists. In the study, the elongated organic lines of the wooden frame of the Cavour CM desk take on the features of branches moving in the wind. Nena armchair, with slender legs made of black tubular metal and lightly hued fabric padded upholstered accents blends into the dense vegetation inhabiting this space. The Albero plant stand with rotating bases is perfect for creating a small vertical forest. April folding chairs in black leather and the Sacco armchair are nomadic presences which migrate from one room to another in the house, accompanying and supporting the different needs of everyday life. This space is lived freely, according to the changing seasons and moods of who lives there. 1600x1200 con persone_12casa.jpg
April 800x1200_12casa(2)
Cavour 1600x1200 senza persone_12casa(0)

Zanotta: is now

“In the winter, it is wonderful to linger and read when the low sun reflects on the shiny wooden floor, flooding the room. In these weeks of scorching heat, one feels instant relief, if briefly, once the leaves of the hot pepper and papaya start to rustle. In the middle of the night the monstrera casts Chinese shadows on the wall. What I like most of all is the reactiveness to the external conditions: lighting, temperatures and humidity levels. It is a setting which is sensitive to the changes of light and the seasons, where each day I seek and discover the atmospheres that harmonize best with my variable state of mind. A hospitable jungle.” 

Sacco 800x1200_casa12