My own peaceful haven

A cultured, refined and contemporary woman whose suitcase is always ready, who lives through travel and allows herself to be contaminated by different cultures. To her, home is her most precious liberty and it unfolds like a diary in which she expresses her roots and her contamination from other places. It is a place where objects and furnishings of different styles coexist and converse with several signature pieces by great historic masters of Italian design, such as Maggiolina, Marco Zanuso’s chaise longue manifesto of “good design”, Carlino CM, the container with a hieratic appearance by Carlo Mollino and Singer, the chair for very brief visits created by Bruno Munari. The functional areas of the home, which are continuously connected, face a double-height central room: a veranda illuminated by natural light a place for reflection and individual inquiries. A sophisticated and peaceful haven, where one cans rest comfortably on the leather Dove sofa, paired with a Zeus coffee table, ideal for entertaining guests with a tea ritual, immersed in a relaxing, exotic environment. 1600x1200 persone _2casa.jpg
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Zanotta: is now

“My own peaceful haven. My Vietnamese origins, numerous trips to Asia, years spent in France and Italy. A travel diary. My home.”