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This idea of a hybrid home, divided between family life and work, is represented in the spacious living room where the Dove sofa welcomes guests and unites the family in a corner configuration. It forms a nest where they can chat, read and snuggle. Dove is where the family sits together and receives guests. It is a relaxing island which is completed with marble-topped Niobe side tables. The walls feature full shelving to display and hold different objects, books and collections which narrate the experiences of those who live there. A bookshelf in the centre of the room marks a boundary between the living room and a multipurpose space furnished with a Quaderna table paired with Dan chairs, in the version with colourful elastic belts. This flexible space adapts to different uses, such as studying and remote working, and is ideal for hosting work meetings or informal lunches. It is a comfortable spot where everyone can dedicate themselves to their passions and enjoy leisurely moments alone or with others, moved by the piano. 1600x1200 persone.jpg
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Zanotta stories

“I grew up in Naples, a place where the value of the stratification of history is a part of life. Every stone, every building, every church was built atop previous ones, in a succession of styles and cultures. This is how I love to live and work: a single space in which objects, collections and materials manifest our life and my design quest. Every member of the family has space in which to express their individual freedom and passions. But take note: It is the objects that belong to me, not I who belong to them.”

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