The home, a safe harbour

A home made of shared spaces, but also personal intimacy, with an elegant approach featuring precious materials and finishes which harmonize with warm colours and delicate hues. The walls are hung with canvases expressing a passion which has been cultivated with dedication and constancy. The environments allude to refined tastes and reveal cultural interests aligned with antiques, painting and fashion, featuring objects which evoke a nostalgic atmosphere. The master bedroom hosts Ricordi bed, with meticulously designed and essential construction solutions, which converses with the centenarian Moretta armchair, an elegant reinterpretation of a colonial object with the virtue of being dismountable. The Taschino night stand and Calamo desk, both of which feature a leather concealed storage space seamlessly nestled within the top, accompany daily life like faithful coffers for guarding personal items. In the dining room, the collection of lemons and ceramics reveals a love of the Amalfi Coast; Quaderna table is paired with Celestina chairs, helping to further personalize the setting. Judy armchair presents itself like a soft, cosy shell in which to enjoy some well-deserved rest by the fireplace. 1600x1200_senza persone_10casa.jpg
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Zanotta: is now

“The many chapters of a life become a single world. The home, a safe harbour. Painting, a measure of myself and the world. Fashion, encountering one another.”

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