The room becomes a temple

The sleeping area is, by definition, the most intimate and private part of the home and this is where the artist takes refuge to listen and find an outlet for his ego, by translating thoughts into action and symbols into works. A Talamo bed defines the space with the soft curves of the padded headrest, creating a comfortable, protected environment which is ideal for relaxing while reading or making a quick sketch. A Quaderna end table is equipped with a professional record player setup and a mixer for listening to just the right soundtrack for each artistic performance. Rolls of fabric of various colours in the closet suggest an affinity for the fashion world. A Sant’Elia armchair sits like a silent spectator, with the continuous lines of the tubular steel frame appearing to imitate the calligraphic strokes of the works which surround it. The furnishings are complete with a Sgabillo bedside table, a useful place on which to place paint brushes and rolls, and a Sacco armchair, for indulging in breaks while observing an emerging composition from the right perspective. 1600x1200 con persone_9casa.jpg
Sacco nero 800x1200_9casa(0)
SantElia 800x1200_9casa(0)
Talamo 1600x1200 senza persone_9casa(0)

Zanotta: is now

“The silent practice of writing thunder. Continuous practice nourishes the spirit. The obsessive repetition of making a mark generates research and secures the ritual, in an eternal return to the start. Nighttime is when the room becomes a temple, the body meditates to reach other spheres. Only then is an internal dialogue established which gives shape to a concept, transforming it into a creative spark.”

Quaderna 800x1200_9casa