We are the accomplices of these walls

Life-long friends and companions in their artistic journeys, they have successfully transformed their passion into a profession, while sharing experiences and cultivating common interests. This residential atelier is where friends are welcomed, and each inspiring moment is captured on canvas with a creative stroke. Around the Tweed table whose slightly irregular fluid shape is paired with cosy Nena armchairs the everyday dynamics between professionals unfold and works of art are born, prior to being hung on the walls, like in a gallery, for a brief period of time, awaiting a purchaser or a new exposition in Berlin or London. The Niobe side table, in a round black Marquinia marble version, provides an excellent resting place for the tools of their trade, conveniently placed for easy access to a bouquet of brushes and acrylic paint tubes. 

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Zanotta: is now

“We are the accomplices of these walls punctuated by openings towards the city. This is the stage of our life, where our paintings are born and remain for a little while.” 

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