Zanotta| Partnership event at the Courmayeur Design Weekend 6-9 February 2020

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Zanotta participate in the first edition of the Courmayeur Design Week-end, where the design network gathers in an unusual winter location. 
During the long weekend from 6 to 9 February, Courmayeur will become a large installation spread among stores and hotel lounges which on this occasion will open the doors to creativity. In the shop-windows the story of intuitions and ideas that represented the innovation of the brands involved, leading to the creation of products that would become the Italian design icons, will be displayed: in this circuit, Zanotta with its easy chair Sacco will witness the concept of a new way of seating.

Many are the Zanotta products included in the setting of a co-working space curated by the parent company Tecno. This space facing the Alps within a frame of nature and well-being, will host the wide programme of seminars dedicated to designers and architects. One hub equipped with computers, plotters and printers, functional to the various activities of the design weekend where one can experience the Smart-working thanks to the workstations, the lounge areas partially furnished with Zanotta pieces, like the informal seats Sella, Sacco, Mezzadro, the stools Giotto and Ido, the small tables Niobe and the clothes-stand Sciangai.

The programme of the Courmayeur Design Weekend also includes exhibitions, conferences, talks and interviews focusing on the topics architecture and design and, as on Saturday 8th of February, the traditional sky competition “skiCAD” will take place. Now in its twentieth edition, this customary competition tests the sport skills of Italian and foreign designers. The fastest of them will be awarded with an object offered by the leading Italian and international companies, including one Sacco easy chair donated by Zanotta.