Talamo, simplicity and comfort

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When the English designer Damian Williamson creates the successful upholstered William series for Zanotta in 2010, it’s clear that a new season is beginning in terms of the company’s contemporary collection: beautiful, functional products, in line with modern aesthetic tendencies, with a calibrated quality-price ratio. The request to design a new bed along these lines produces Talamo. “Zanotta asked me to imagine a bed that was comfortable and simple, solid and of high quality, but without excess structural weight, and that had the least number of assembled components. Using its ‘cousin’ William as a starting point was natural: I reused the polished aluminum-alloy legs which give it a light, modern look ; I researched a perimetric structure in steel with the firm’s Technical Department, with curved beechwood slats. And added a simple padded headboard with a removable cover”. Zanotta’s Technical Department confirms, “The challenge has been to produce a bed that has all the requisites of the top designs without any of the accessorial elements that increase costs. The ergonomic slats for example, are installed in a single line: this avoids extra costs that substantially don’t add anything to an already well-constructed support. A polyurethane border around the steel structure was found to be the solution for attaching the fabric cover”. A good example of reaching objectives, in times when an all-Italian product is still desired, with high quality material and excellent design, but economic investment is limited. The designer adds, “Talamo isn’t trying to be what it isn’t. It’s a bed that is quite clearly related to the William collection and is therefore modern, with the same much-appreciated features and proportions of its forerunner – the sofa. It’s a project that offers the fundamental elements which make a bed a comfortable and robust dais on which to dream, rest and make love”.