Double date with Zanotta which took part in Milano Design Week 2023, confirming its trade fair attendance, with a new exhibition space, as well as in town, at Zanotta House - in Piazza XXV Aprile, in the heart of the Brera District – welcoming the international design community and the crowds of fans with a home-feeling journey.
The 2023 collection includes three unprecedented pieces, the extension of three existing families, a restyled version of a historic concept and a special unlimited numbered edition to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sciangai, one of the brand’s most iconic and identifying products.
Bumper is the sofa designed by Calvi Brambilla like a soft sculpture, a presence plied out of polyurethane with painstaking care for details and quality workmanship. Bol is the family of tables conceived by Zaven with elementary geometric shapes that come together to form complex structures. Daisy is the new textile chair designed by Mist-o with an extremely simple look resulting from a complex and ingenious construction process. Tweed Marble by Garcia Cumini supplements the family of tables inspired by the shape of a leaf with an impressive version in Striato Olimpico marble. Nena Lounge is the new armchair by Lanzavecchia + Wai that joins the Nena chair and high stool. Quaderna - the Istogrammi di Architettura (Histograms of Architecture) furniture collection, designed by Superstudio between 1969 and 1972 - sees the addition of three new pieces: the mirror, a storage unit for the living room and a service sideboard for the dining room. Galeotta is the restyled edition of the convertible armchair design by De Pas D’Urbino and Lomazzi in 1968, which joins the Zanotta catalogue for the first time. Sciangai50 is an explosion of bright and joyful colours: a historic and original multi-coloured version of the famous folding and adjustable coat stand, curated in close partnership with architectPaolo Lomazzi to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary.
The 2023 collection marks the beginning of a journey under the artistic direction of architects Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla from the namesake firm, who reveal the values underpinning the assets of their strategy: Heritage, Quality, Coolness.“Heritage is the outstanding catalogue of icons that are still on-trend today; Quality underlies all Zanotta products, which are the result of care, dedication, passion, and a focus on the materials and on the durability of the object; Coolness is unconformity which marks all the pieces by the brand, whereby Zanotta interprets the spirit of time. Indeed, Zanotta does more than this: it opens windows onto the future."
Calvi Brambilla, Zanotta Art Directors