Design Emaf Progetti - 2006
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Four-poster bed with canopy. Demountable wooden frame either veneered with natural or grey vanished oak. Suspension in bent beech strips, with stiffness adjusters. Headboard upholstered in polyurethane/heat-bound polyester fibre. Removable fabric or leather cover. Upon request the bed size for 210 cm. long mattress is also available.


A room within a room.

The canopy bed has a long history, used since medieval times to shelter (particularly from the cold) great historical characters: kings, popes and queens, and thus renowned for the consequential sacred significance that this protection assumed. Centuries, customs and legends have passed, but the symbolic value of this particular bed (structured on four lateral supports that cradle a piece of fabric) still persists today, its romantic space created and defined around a dreamlike dimension.


In Milleunanotte, every element is reduced to a minimum: the wooden structure cradles the sleeping space, the fine padded headboard is contained within the structure, as are the fabric curtains, which can be used as a practical mosquito net when pulled closed. Almost austere in its design and reminiscent of Fronzoni’s work, the piece provides an autonomous, private space within the larger bedroom area.