Design Mist-o - 2023
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Stackable chair. Aluminum alloy legs, painted matt black or white. Plywood seat with self-extinguishing polyurethane foam upholstery. Steel backrest frame with self-extinguishing polyurethane foam upholstery. Removable cover in fabric or leather.


A versatile chair, for use in various settings, from the home to a workplace and even a restaurant. Built to be both lightweight and sturdy, comfortable and enveloping, unobtrusive and stackable.” Mist-o (Tommaso Nani and Noa Ikeuchi).


The backrest has a steel core and polyurethane foam padding; its curved and enveloping shape gradually thins out in the centre at the top. A hidden zip fastener makes the cover easy to remove. The construction solution is complex yet functional to make the frame hard-wearing, robust and top-performing and lightweight. 


Daisy is the result of the restyling of existing chairs to offer the market a more contemporary and versatile textile chair that is both comfortable and designed to keep a person seated for long periods of time, making it ideal for multiple uses and settings, while appealing to many generations.


Stackable textile chair, with a metal frame and padded seat and backrest covered with fabric or leather, fully removable covers. A highly simple design deriving from an innovative concept and a complex and ingenious construction process.  A trestle frame forms the 4 cylindrical aluminium alloy legs, 35 mm in diameter, and supports the rounded plywood seat with polyurethane foam padding. The rear legs stretch out to join the backrest, via a bayonet solution, creating the impression of uninterrupted continuity.