Dan 2057 - 2058

Design Patrick Norguet - 2020
2057 DAN_0635
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Chair. Armchair. Steel frame varnished iron grey or matt black. Seat and backrest made of elastic straps in polyester thread available in yellow, string, anthracite and blue. The Zanotta logo is printed on the first strap of the seat, on the right side. Upon request the customized writing on the straps is available. 

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A constantly evolving concept

An essential, visionary and technically innovative project: the belts come from the automotive sector, making them functional, performing and comfortable elements with great communicative power. A single structure in folded tubular steel, composed of a few essential elements, without screws, easy to assemble and disassemble, to be covered with a custom dress. 

Dan adapts to the personality of those who choose it: enhances persoanal tastes and uniqueness with the possibility of writing messages or adding graphics. A single architecture to implement different chair designs and imagine different life scenarios, from home to office, from cafes to restaurants.