Liza 2271R

Design Lievore, Altherr, Molina - 2015
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Armchair. Legs in solid natural painted oak or in black dyed oak, or in natural Canaletto walnut. Sling with armrests of polypropylene reinforced with glass fibre, in the shades white or black. Seat cushion upholstered with self-extinguishing polyurethane foam. Fixed internal nylon cover. Removable external cover in fabric or leather. Removable external backrest cover in fabric or leather with Dacron Du Pont.

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From design to product

“While we were about to design something for a historic company like Zanotta we had an experimental imagination and very “inside” the contemporaneity. However without disregarding the classic taste of whom is very fond of everlasting design”, so explains Alberto Lievore, one of the three designers, “senior” of the studio set up in Barcelona in 1991. “For Liza we followed the same procedure as the last twenty-five years: when we accept a new assignment the whole staff gathers and speaks freely, going into everybody’s ideas. The winning proposal is the one that meets the client’s requests and convinces all of us as well. I am the most “architectonic” of the three Lievore-Altherr-Molina, the others are more 100% designer. We don’t like personalism, the “author’s design”, we aim to the research of universal values, the functionality matching the aesthetics. With Liza the first input was: making the piece with just one injection-mould, reducing the structural costs while safeguarding the project in its entirety, achieving a product that might be customized according to the user’s exigencies”. 


“The timeless style, the comfort and formal likeability are the “pluses” of Liza. Since I am very fond of ergonomics, I wanted Liza to ensure the body’s rotating moves in various positions. Comfort is the main feature for products destined for seating and sleeping purposes. How many times it happens to stand up with lumbar pain, even with chairs and armchairs more “signed” ? This won’t ever happen with Liza.”


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