Design Achille Castiglioni - 1978
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Folding table. Steel frame and top. Colours: talc, amaranth, grass green or black. ABS sliding joint. It is equipped with a hook for hanging.

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From design to product

The project of this coffee table starts from the desire to revisit the design of an archetype of the late Nineteenth century belonging to the typology of outdoors folding tables. In re-designing this table, Castiglioni focused his attention on the details, to improve and enhance the product’s functionality.

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Outstanding redesign operations aimed at reviving ordinary objects and adding up-to-date details to their well-established shape: a typical feature of Achille Castiglioni’s work, who often curiously collected those objects, the same on which his friend Munari would have bestowed the Compasso d’Oro a Ignoti (Golden compass award to unknown). This occurred, for instance, to the typical Paris bistro three-legged table, reinterpreted with Cumano in its essentials and design details, such as the joint, which was designed in a contemporary material to ease movement on the painted surface (without wearing it out), and the detail of a hole on the table top, which allowed not only to fold the table, as already possible, but also to hang it (on the wall, thanks to a special hook).