Zanotta X One Block Down “Chromatic Stream”


Zanotta has partnered with One Block Down by creating a re-edition of the iconic Karelia, designed by Liisi Beckmann in 1966. This non-conforming pop icon armchair symbolises freedom and the Sixties.

This special collaboration features a unique edition characterized by "eco-leather" in a metallic colour, one of the symbolic elements of the dialogue and stylistic progress of One Block Down, with an embossed logo on the back and special branded label. 
This collaboration pays homage to the work of iconic designer Liisi Beckmann, born in the Karelia region in Finland in 1923 who moved to Milan in 1957, starting her work as an object and furniture designer. Her work is characterized by different themes and approaches, from the innovation and experimentation of new or non traditional materials, to the continuous research of new shapes and functional solutions and of course the shapes, with her work many times being around organic and fluid shapes, which went in the opposite direction of many of her contemporaries.

The collaboration is available for purchase on One Block Down website.